Year 5 Thames Trip Podcast

Year 5

Year 5 have been working incredibly hard on their science topic of looking at rivers during the start of the new term. This has taken on a practical element, with two trips already completed during the first few weeks of the new term! We first visited the Thames Barrier to find out why this is so important, as well as how it works to keep London free of floods.

Year 5 have also taken part on an observation Thames walk, travelling from London Bridge down to Westminster Bridge. We wanted to get a riverside view of some of the major historical sites situated along the river, as well as to observe the way in which the Thames is still very much a practical working river. We saw police boats, tugs and tourist boats. Our rivers work will progress to look at the water cycle next, and why this is so important within our environment. You can listen to some of the thoughts from our Year 5 pupils in the podcast below.


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