Year 3 History Research

Year 3

As part of out Tudor topic in Year 3, the children have been learning many facts all about Henry VIII. We switched our attention this week to look at the six wives of the Tudor King. We set the children the task to research more about each wife, and to try and build up a character profile so that we could understand more about what is must have been like to live in the Tudor court. Our recent trip to the Portrait Gallery has given us a graphic image of the wives. We now wanted to find out more about their families, where they were from and what type of character they were. Year 3 have been using the school library as a resource for this. It is also a great exercise in getting the children familiar with using both contents and index pages within a book, and knowing where and how to find information.

Year 3

Plus: Year 3 have created the most amazing artwork display as part of our Relationship theme in D & T. We asked the pupils to explore the theme of self-identity, as well as celebrating the way in which we all appear different. As you can see from the image above, a brilliant display is now in place in Year 3.

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