Year 6 Science and Literacy

Year 6

Year 6 have been working incredibly hard on a separate science and literacy project during the first half of this term. Our science topic has been to explore the role of microorganisms. We have learnt that these are not always harmful, and can sometimes help us to lead a healthier lifestyle. The children have devised an experiment to find out what kind of effect microorganisms have on our everyday food. We placed different items of fruit, cheese and bread in sealed plastic bags, and then observed these on a daily basis to see the pace that each perishable started to rot. To find out how microorganisms can help us in the kitchen, Year 6 have also been busy baking bread! We have been learning about the importance of yeast in the baking process, and put the theory to the test by baking some beautiful bread. A selection of our Year 6 scientists explain more about the project in the podcast below.


Our literacy topic in Year 6 has involved an in-depth analysis of the Garbage King book. The children are all now incredibly familiar with the characters and the plot, and so we wanted to explore more about some of the emotions within the story. We have been brainstorming different ideas about the emotions that the main characters may be experiencing. We built in a dramatic element to this work, and then used this knowledge to help us with our poetry. Year 6 have also been writing a series of diary entries, looking at the personification of the main characters. All of this work is in preparation for our Year 6 to see a production of the Garbage King at the Unicorn Theatre later in the term.


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