Nursery Weddings!


This week has been a tremendous amount of fun as we continued with our celebrations topic in the Nursery, and in particular, the happy occasion of a wedding! As well as the actual wedding service, then children have been learning about some of the rituals and traditions involved during wedding ceremonies across different cultures. One lucky girl even managed to catch the bride’s bouquet! You can listen to a short burst of the Nursery wedding song in the podcast below.


Plus: Our Nursery class topic of celebrations will continue next week as we move to look at the very special occasion of birthdays. We will be asking each other when we celebrate our birthdays, and how we do this with our family and friends.

Other work that we have been carrying out in the Nursery includes a look back at what we like and dislike about our short time so far as pupils at Michael Faraday School. We like to know that every child is happy, and is able to learn and play in an environment, which they enjoy. Our staff have been having one to one conversations with all the children, exploring their thoughts so far as Michael Faraday pupils. You can listen to some of the observations in the podcast below.


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