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Greneda trip

The staff at Michael Faraday School have been extremely active this term in setting up links with schools and colleagues from all around the world. As part of a project organised by the British Council, Pauline, our Year 4 class teacher, recently returned from a working visit to the island of Grenada. A number of teaching staff from across Southwark accompanied Pauline on this trip, with the aim of learning the skills to be able to teach Spanish to the Michael Faraday pupils.

Pauline handed over a selection of letters from our Year 6 pupils to the children in the Sancho Panza Granadian school where she was teaching. We asked our pupils to describe their own culture around them in South London, as we are keen to explore the Spanish culture in the replies that we will hopefully be receiving.

As well as taking lessons during her brief visit, Pauline was also able to accompany the Granadian children on a couple of school trips. She visited the famous Alhambna place of worship, as well as a local science park as part of an arts project. We are hopeful of being able to welcome some of the staff from Sancho Panza School into Michael Faraday in the near future.

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