Year 2 Science Video

Our science work in Year 2 this week has involved an investigation into different types of materials and their properties. Primarily we were keen to explore the difference between man made materials, and natural resources. We have been sorting a variety of materials into these groups, such as wood, metal, plastic and paper. We found that some materials are quite tricky to place in one of the e two groups. We know that paper comes from trees, but it has to be processed to become paper.

This has been a very practical topic for the Year 2 children. We have encouraged them to feel and to cut through different materials, and to compare and contrast the results. The children have been asked to think about how they can manipulate a material: is it bendy, can it be squashed, will it twist or can we stretch it? We will be extending this science topic next week to look at what happens to different materials when we either heat them up, or cool them down. You can hear some of the thoughts from our keen Year 2 scientists in the video above.

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