Year 3 Languages

Year 3

As part of our ongoing European languages project in Year 3, we held our very first rehearsal this week of a German Christmas carol. We introduced the children to Silent Night, a song that has its history and tradition within the German language. As we are all familiar with the English translation, we were able to understand the German phrases that were being sung. You can listen to a short recording of one of our very first rehearsals of the song in the podcast below. The whole school will be singing The German rendition of Silent Night at the annual Michael Faraday School Winter Service.


Plus: our cultural project with other schools around the world has continued in Year 3 this week. We have befriended a primary school on the other side of the world in Australia. We are keen to explore how our lifestyles may be similar, or even different, in certain ways. Working in small groups, all pupils in Year 3 have recorded a short message for our friends Down Under. We have encouraged the children to pack into the recording as much detail as possible about their own lives. You can listen to a short extract in the podcast below.


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