Years 3 & 4 Stunning Singing Performance

Devonshire Square singers

We are incredibly proud of the outstanding musical talent within Years 3 and 4. This is clearly a view shared elsewhere, as our pupils were invited to help launch the prestigious Devonshire Square Christmas Fair! This is a grand event in the City where local office workers are encouraged to come out, enjoy the singing and spend some money!

We sang three fifteen minute slots over the busy lunchtime period, with the accompaniment of a professional brass band.

People came out of their offices to listen to us,”’ said Steven. “We felt very tired at the end of the day, but we really enjoyed singing to an audience of adults.”

Tyler told us: “We knew that we had put in a good performance because the crowd was cheering! One man told us that he had come down from his seventh floor office, just to hear us sing.”

All of the children were thanked by our friends from Devonshire Square for such a fine performance. We were each given a chocolate selection box as a thank you gesture.

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