Farewell Old Faraday!

Old Michael Faraday School

With the new Michael Faraday School now having been open for just over a term, the demolition work for the old school building has continued at great pace. All that remains now is the shell of the drama hall and gym – and these are disappearing rather quickly each day!

What all of this means for the future of Michael Faraday is that we will be able to expand and offer some outstanding play and recreation facilities as we reclaim the land. A state of the art multi-sport zone will replace the old school building, providing a modern and safe play area.

Meanwhile, with our regular teaching in the new building now bedded down, the next phase for the project will be to explore the community teaching programme. A Community Education Co-ordinator has been appointed, and soon we will be able to announce some of the events and opportunities that will be available to all within the Michael Faraday community.

Farewell old school building, and onwards!

Old Michael Faraday School

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