Nursery New Starters


A number of new starters will be joint the Michael Faraday Nursery over the coming weeks – welcome to the Michael Faraday Family! Our Nursery staff will be making this brand new experience as enjoyable as possible. The new children will be welcomed into the Nursery with many friendship games as we get to know our new classmates.

As well as settling in to our two Nursery classes, we will also be helping the children to learn more about fairytales. Different books will be explored throughout the term, focusing on the main characters and what type of person they are. We want the children to be able to recognise story concepts such as good or bad, happy or sad and a general understanding of how all of our favourite stories have an exciting plot. Cinderella will be the first fairytale that we will be looking at. Hopefully there will be plenty of opportunities to act out the story as well!

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