Reception Expansion


We are all looking forward to welcoming our new class members in both the Reception classes at Michael Faraday School. A number of the elder children will be moving up from Nursery, and we are also welcoming into our school some new starters to Reception. Our Reception staff have been carrying out a number of home visits since the start of term. This is to help the new children become familiar with the teaching staff, and to make the transition to joining Michael Faraday as smooth as possible.

The first few weeks of the new term in Reception will be spent getting to know all of our new friends. We will be playing a number of class games to help remember our names, and to learn more about our new friends. The class itself has had a brand new state of the art whiteboard fitted since the break. This is a wonderful tool to aid learning. We can adjust the height to allow the Reception children to use it. We will be using this resource as much as possible, and encouraging the children to explore the possibilities that it presents.

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