Year 1 Fairytales Video

We have wasted no time in Year 1 in starting our new literacy topic for the term. The children will be exploring the ideas and themes within different fairytales, starting off with Jack and the Beanstalk. We will be working on different literacy based ideas, as well as having some great fun with plenty of role-playing sessions. Our early work has started off by writing a character profile of Jack. We have asked the children to recall some of the basic facts about his life, as well as to be more creative by thinking about what type of personality and interests Jack has. A selection of our Year 1 children explain more in the video above.

Plus: another major topic throughout the term in Year 1 will be a historical look at different toys. We want to compare and contrast our favourite toys with those that our parents and grandparents might have played with. We have organized a trip to the Museum of Childhood at Mike End later in the term to see some of these toys for ourselves.

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