Year 3 German Tuition

Year 3

Year 3 have been focusing heavily on our love of foreign languages throughout the start of the spring term. We have a dedicated afternoon session each week where we practice our language skills, as well as learning about the culture from different countries. As well as being fortunate to have the skills of our French friend Jennifer in the classroom, all pupils at Michael Faraday will be benefiting from a two week stay from Jasmin, a teacher from Germany.

Jasmin will be working throughout the school, from Nursery through to Year 6. She will be helping the children not only with their German language, but also helping them to research and find out more about life in Germany. You can hear Jasmin outline some of her plans in the podcast below.


Plus: Year 3 were also able to have a fantastic French afternoon with a drama session from our friends at the Big Wheel French Theatre. There was much dressing up, and plenty of French dialogue! You can find out more in the podcast below.


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