Year 4 WW2 Podcast

Year 4

Year 4 are greatly enjoying researching their new topic for the term, learning all about World War 2. We have been learning about how children from around Walworth were evacuated to the countryside during the war. This has led us to consider how it might have felt like to have been at school during the war, and how this experience compares to our own modern day life in London.

To help Year 4 understand more about life in London during the War, we took both classes out on a school trip to the nearby Imperial War Museum. As well as being able to observe up close many of the tanks and planes used in combat, Year 4 also took part in a thoughtful, interactive session, experiencing what it must have been like to hide in an air raid shelter. You can catch some of the thoughts from one of our Year 4 pupils in the podcast below.


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