Reception Beanstalk Maths


Our fairytale work has been continuing around the Reception. Having explored Cinderella, the children have now moved on to learn more about the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We have built our own beanstalk in the Reception class, as well as thinking about what we might find at the top of it!

Using the interactive whiteboard, Reception have been learning how to sequence the events in the story. We have been working with a number of pictures from the classic fairytale, and then asked the children to move them around the board and place them in the correct order.


Linked in with the topic has been a mathematical approach to size. We have asked the children to think about the characters of Jack and the giant in the story, and then describe how they are different. We have been introducing new ways of talking about big and small, and understanding how we can compare different sizes.

Plus: We have been celebrating the Chinese New Year in reception by making some paper lanterns. You can find our more in the video below:

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