Year 2 Maths & Chinese NY

Year 2

Year 2 have been building upon our various mathematical skills during recent weeks. As well as growing our confidence with addition and subtraction sums, we have also been inspired to spend much of our time working on our times tables. The two, five and ten times tables have been the main focus. This is an incredibly important part of the maths building block that the children will need to take with them when they enter Key Stage 2 later in the year.

As well as the maths, Year 2 have also been enjoying their class topic looking at pirates. We have been reading plenty of pirate books, as well as staging our very own pirate raid on our nearby friends from Year 1! This was all a very friendly exercise, with all the loot returned! We will be combining our new knowledge of pirates and maths next week, introducing some pirate sums into our lessons.

Plus: As we approach the Chinese New Year period, we are fortunate at Michael Faraday to have a number of pupils with a Chinese family background. We have been able to share our experiences and knowledge about this great time of celebration over in China. One of our Year 2 pupils kindly helped out during a Key Stage 1 assembly. You can find out more in the podcast below.


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