Year 5 Assembly Video

Year 5 helped all of Key Stage 2 to celebrate the Chinese New Year by staging a wonderful school assembly. We are all familiar with the traditional animal race story that makes up the Chinese New Year tale. We therefore decided to theme our assembly around China as a country, and the people that live within.

Our assembly started off with each pupil reciting a fact they we have learned about China. We looked at the languages spoken, and then displayed a map of the country that Year 5 have produced. We pointed out some historic places of interest, such as the Great Wall of China and the Himalayas.

Year 5 assembly

Our assembly then explained some of the religions that people follow in China. We explained a lot more about Buddhism, and the importance of separating good and bad thoughts. Year 5 demonstrated how clarity could be achieved by showing a simple science experiment involving separating water and soil.

We finished off our assembly by acting out a traditional Chinese play, all about the symbolism of the dragon. Our story explained how everything is not always quite as you first might have thought! You can watch a video of the assembly above, as well as catching up with some of the thoughts from a selection of Year 5 pupils in the podcast below.


Year 5 assembly

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