Year 3 Viking Boat Building

We have been exploring the world of Vikings as part of our main topic in Year 3. We approached this fascinating historical period by looking at the difference between settlers and invaders. The children have been learning how not all of the Vikings came to these lands to conquer – some came to settle. We have written Viking reports during our literacy lessons, explaining more about the arrival of the Vikings in the UK.

The mode of transport used during the journey of the Vikings has been of special interest to Year 3. We have been studying how Viking long boats were made, and how they were designed to be able to travel up rivers, as well as through the sea.

Year 3 have been designing and making their very own Viking long boats. We took great care to make sure that the exact shape of the boat could be seen in our models. We also wanted our boats to look authentic, with a realistic brown, wood finish. You can watch a short video featuring our Year 3 boat builders above.

Year 3

Year 3

Plus: As part of our celebrations forCommonwealth Day, Year 3 presented an assembly to all of Key Stage 2, exploring all about the idea of the Commonwealth. We explained more about the history of the Commonwealth and why it was formed. Year 3 asked other children throughout the school all about their own Commonwealth connections, and which countries are considered as their home country.

You can watch a short video of the assembly above, as well as hear the thoughts about the Commonwealth from a selection of our Year 3 pupils in the podcast below.


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