Year 4 War Time Rations

Our World War 2 topic in Year 4 has taken a very practical approach with some traditional ration style soup being made by our pupils. Much of the focus for this particular time period has been that of the lives of children during World War Two and the idea of evacuation.

We have been learning how food was rationed for the evacuees. Meat was in short supply, and so our rations soup was made entirely out of vegetables. Year 4 discovered that this needn’t lead to a dull meal – we put plenty of tasty ingredients into our soup, to create a thick, rich blend. Our research showed that evacuees had plenty of potato in their soup as a meat substitute.

The final proof was of course in the eating. You can find out if the Year 4 soup was a success or not by watching the video above, plus you can listen to some old wartime songs in the Year 4 podcast below:


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