Year 2 Rainforest Podcast

Year 2

We have started our new topic in Year 2 of looking at life within a tropical rainforest. The children have been researching online all about this environment, and in particular, some of the different types of animals that live in the rainforest habitat. We have focused on the cheetah, the parrot, the sloth and the monkey. Year 2 have been comparing these animals, and finding out why they all choose to live in the rainforest, and also what makes them stand out from each other.

We have produced a magnificent class display of a rainforest, presenting the detail in a 3D environment that we can all explore. The different animals have been positioned in the display, at the correct level of the rainforest where they usually live. Year 2 have been holding class discussions about life in the rainforest. We have introduced new words into our vocabulary such as nocturnal

A final exercise that we planned was to think about what it might be like to take a holiday in the rainforest. We asked the children about what items they might need to pack in their suitcase to be able to survive in this type of environment. You can catch up with some of the thoughts in the podcast below.


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