Year 6 Assembly Video

To help celebrate St Patrick’s Day, Year 6 staged an assembly this week looking at the legend of the Patron Saint of Ireland. We started off our assembly with a brief presentation about the geography of the country, and asked other children in the school to locate the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland on the large map that we had created.

The main focus of our assembly was then to act out the story of St Patrick. We passed on the theme of how St Patrick helped to spread religion within Ireland, and how he was rewarded by becoming a Saint. Much of the assembly included a look at traditional Irish culture, and some of the themes associated with this.

Finally we finished our assembly by explaining how Irish people all around the world celebrate St Patrick’s Day. We included an interview with a class member who has an Irish home background. You can watch some of the ideas from our Year 6 assembly in the video above.

Year 6

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