Nursery Builders!


To complete our buildings topic in the Nursery, we took all of the children out this week on an observational walk. We started off by inspecting the new sports area at Michael Faraday, which continues to change each day with all the building work. We ended up at Burgess Park, having seen a number of different style buildings along the way.

Back in the Michael Faraday Nursery and the children have been playing many role-playing games, all about building and construction. We have been dressing up in special safety clothes, and then talking about why it is important for builders to wear hard hats.

As Easter approaches, the Nursery children have also been making many splendid Easter cards and crafts. We had a recent visit to the nearby Surrey Docks Farm, which set us up well for our new Nursery topic. Next term we will be studying mini beasts in great detail. The children will be building a wormery, as well as observing caterpillars change into butterflies.

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