Reception South Bank Trip


We have been continuing our work in Reception looking at buildings and cities. Having spent plenty of time in the classroom learning about this topic, we decided that it was time to take the children outside for a look at some of the most famous buildings in London!

We started our day trip off by taking a bus to the nearby South Bank. Here we were able to look in amazement at the magnificent London Eye as it slowly turned round and round. As part of this project, we have also been studying the many different shapes that we can see in buildings. The children were impressed with the huge circle that makes up the London Eye!

The next part of our trip involved crossing the river Thames at Westminster Bridge. We took some time out to look down the river at historic London, and to observe all of the shapes that makes up the skyline. We also looked at the boats on the river, and tried to describe what these look like.

Finally our big day out with the Reception children came to a close when we approached the Palace of Westminster. The children loved looking at Big Ben, and seeing how the clock tower starts off as long rectangle, and then has a pyramid shape on the top. We were treated to eleven very loud BONGS of the bell! You can find out more about our Reception day out in the podcast below.


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