Year 5 Science Podcast

Year 5

Year 5 had a wonderful science workshop this week, learning all about sound and how we can change the pitch. We welcomed into our school our friend Paul from Southwark Education Services. We started off with a simple straw each, and then asked the question: is it possible to make a sound out of a straw, and then to alter the sound?

We learnt how the air travels from the top to the bottom of the straw at a very great speed when we blow into it. By slightly squeezing the bottom of the straw, we were able to create a slight resistance to the air escaping. We learnt that this can change the sound.

Our experiment continued with further modifications being made to the straw. We cut a small triangular opening at the base, and then blew. This also altered the sound that we produced. You can find out more in the podcast below.


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