Year 2 Tongue Twisters

Year 2

Year 2 have been having tremendous fun working on their tongue twisters during literacy lessons. To add some extra excitement to our work, we introduced the children to the idea of nonsense poetry. Tongue twisters were the perfect starting point for this, and soon we were all word perfect woth Peter Piper and She Sells Seashells.

The challenge was set for our Year 2 pupils to compose their own tongue twisters. We used a variety of techniques to help us with our work. We found that planning was important, and so we wrote a list of words that all started with the same letter.

Using our imagination, and remembering to keep it fun, Year 2 composed their own nonsense tongue twisters. We will be reading these out together as a class, helping us with our linguistic ability, as well as have plenty of tongue twisting fun. You can listen to a selection of these in the podcast below.


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