Year 6 SATS Preparation

Year 6

With the end of year SATS rapidly approaching, Year 6 having been putting in place a final strategy to help us with our tests. We have been focussing throughout the school year on SATS week, with plenty of careful preparation. Many pupils have attended Booster Club for a little bit of extra hours help, and we have also been able to offer some one-to-one tuition where required. All pupils have been watching the Revise Wise DVD’s, as well as using the BBC Bite Size website. Plenty of past papers have been completed in preparation.

SATS week start at on Monday 9th May. Once again we will be welcoming the pupils into Michael Faraday early at 8:30 for a special SATS breakfast club. Healthy options will be offered, to make sure that we are approaching our work with a healthy mind. You can find out how all the preparation has been taking shape in the podcast below.

Good luck Year 6!


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