Year 1 Fruit Tasting Video

Year 1 have returned after the Easter break with plenty of new ideas and topics to be exploring. Healthy eating will be playing a major part in our topic work for the summer term. We asked all of the children to bring in from a home a selection of fruit. As you can see from the video above, we held a fruit tasting session to see which are our favourite. This work will then continue as we plan and prepare our own fruit kebabs.

Year 1

We have also been continuing with our literacy work in Year 1 based around our current class-reading book of Where the Wild Things Are. All of the children have produced their own book re-telling the story. We have used role-play to help understand the feeling of the characters, as well as wearing our Wild Things masks to help us explore more about the characters.

Science work in Year 1 is all about different forces for this term. In particular we are interested in the difference between a push and a pull. We started off our experiments in the classroom, playing with our favourite toys and pushing and pulling them. We then treated Year 1 to a trip to the local park. We played on the many rides and activities in the park, and once again talked about the difference between a push and a pull.

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