Year 6 SATS Week Podcast


Year 6 SATS week at Michael Faraday has finished – hurrah! This has been a very demanding week for all of our Year 6 pupils. We are incredibly proud of both the maturity and the high standard of work that we have witnessed.

We all agreed that the Literacy reading paper was rather tricky. Most pupils thought that the short writing test was a great exercise in which to complete. We had to construct a piece of powerful persuasive writing, in support of a fictional charity. The longer piece of literacy work was all about putting together a piece of journalism and reporting on a world record attempt. We have some highly creative ideas!

The Mental Maths put our pupils on the spot, having to calculate various sums in a short space of time. All of our preparation and problem solving techniques appeared to pay off, with most pupils using the right strategy for each sum.

Although not officially part of SATS week, we will still be asking the pupils to complete a Science SATS paper as part of our own ongoing evaluation and support of our teaching. But for now, the fun can really start in Year 6! We have the end of year School Journey to look forward to, as well as starting work on putting on the annual Michael Faraday school play.

We leave the final thoughts on SATS week to a selection of our Year 6 pupils in the podcast below.


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