Reception Mini Beasts Video

We have been very busy in both Reception classes as we gear up for the grand Michael Faraday Mini Beast Ball! We are coming towards the end of our work on this topic, and so what better way to sign off than to celebrate all that we have learnt about our mini beast friends.

In preparation for this, all children have been decorating some delicious biscuits to eat with their favourite mini beast character. We have used icing sugar and different colours to create some butterfly and spider designs on the biscuits to share at the ball.

We will be reading the Reception mini beast book at the ball. This is a collective class effort where we have all contributed our own mini beast ideas to tell a very special story.

On display during the ball will be our fictional mini beasts that we have created. We asked the Reception children to think up new ideas for their own mini beasts, and then to draw this new little creature and to describe what it looks like.

Hopefully all of our Reception butterflies will be ready to release to signify the end of the mini beast topic at Michael Faraday. We have been looking after these and observing how they have changed from caterpillars to beautiful butterflies. You can find out more about our mini beast work in the video above.

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