Y3 Reading with Mr Miliband!

Year 3

Monday morning in Year 3 at Michael Faraday started off like any typical week. We were taking part in our guided reading session and very much enjoying our current class book of Charlotte’s Web. All of a sudden and there was a knock at the door, a TV camera crew and we were joined by Ed Miliband, the Leader of the Labour party!

Mr Miliband was visiting Michael Faraday for the morning to see how an outstanding community school operates, and to learn more about the wonderful work that we have been doing. He was greatly impressed with our guided reading, and asked the Year 3 children more about their book and the work that they have been doing.

We explained about the plot behind the book, as well as sharing some of our stories and artwork that we have created in Year 3. All pupils have written their own poems, with ideas and inspiration coming from Charlotte’s Web. You can listen to a selection of our Year 3 pupils talk about this very special Michael Faraday morning in the podcast below.


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