Year 6 Southwark Citizenship


Our transition to secondary school pupils in Year 6 is now well underway. With less than four months before we will be meeting new friends and starting new schools, Year 6 have been preparing for this by attending the Southwark Junior Citizen Scheme.

This is a morning session where the pupils get to meet and learn from various professionals that work in organisations that they may encounter over the coming months and years. Workshops were staged by Transport for London, Trading Standards, the Young Police Cadets, the emergency services and road safety specialists. We also got to meet and mix with other Year 6 pupils in Southwark from nearby schools.

One of the main messages from the morning was that of personal safety. We learnt not only about how to be safe when using public transport, but also wider safety lessons when out in the community. You can find out more about our morning out in the podcast below.


Meanwhile, work continues apace as we prepare to stage the prestigious Michael Faraday end of year school production. We are proud to announce that the Wizard of Oz will be staged towards the end of the summer term. Year 6 has completed the work on writing the script.

We have been holding acting and singing workshops ahead of the auditions at the end of the week. The final cast list will be read out just ahead of the half term break. With the School Journey starting as soon as we return to school, this gives plenty of time for all of our lines to be learnt.

Break a leg!

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