Year 1 Zoo Trip

Year 1

Year 1 are greatly looking forward to their trip to London Zoo later on in the term. We are going to be using this as an opportunity to help us with both our maths and literacy work. We have been learning all about data handling and sorting during our maths lessons. We plan to count the different animals that we see at the zoo, and then to organise these into different data sets.

Our literacy work for the London Zoo trip will be based on writing accounts of our big day out. The children are going to try and remember as much detail as possible, and then present this as a written report when we are back in the classroom.

We are just finishing off our telling the time topic in Year 1. This has gone extremely well, with most children now feeling very confident in using both an analogue and a digital clock. We have been using the different times in the school daily routine to help us with our work.

The Year 1 Monster Puppet Show was also performed as a great success! Having read Where the Wild Things Are throughout the term, we were keen to recount the story in our own words, using the puppets that we have made.

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