Year 3 Geography

Year 3

With thoughts soon turning towards the summer holidays, Year 3 have been using their geography time to research different destinations around the globe. Working in small groups, we set the task of locating a particular country on our large whiteboard map of the world.

We then shared our knowledge with other groups, and thought about the distance between each country. We asked Year 3 to think about what would be the best form of transport to get to each country – car, train, boat or a plane. The local environment was then researched. We talked about what holiday activities would be suitable for each location – snowboarding, sunbathing or tourism.

This work will develop throughout the reminder of the term as we count down to our holidays. We will be asking the pupils to design a holiday brochure for their chosen location using our knowledge to describe what the area is like. Year 3 will be using Google Earth extensively to help with this project.

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