Year 4 Maori Project

Year 4 are focussed on a very special project in the lead up to the end of the summer term. We have been invited to take part in the Border Crossing parade that will process through the City of London on 12th July. This is no ordinary parade – Year 4 will be dancing and dressed as proud Maori warriors!

Year 4 Maori project

We have welcomed into our school the expertise assistance of Bruce, our Maori friend who has been teaching Year 4 all about his culture. We first met Bruce on the steps of the British Museum during a recent trip. Bruce now has the task of teaching Year 4 a number of traditional Maori dances, climaxing with the fearsome Maori Haka.

Year 4 Maori project

We also have a planned trip to a Maori Hinemihi later in the term to find out all about village life within the Maori culture. This will prepare Year 4 well for their Border Crossing parade, processing from the grand Guildhall all the way to the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral where we will be performing our Haka.

We are proud to present an early rehearsal of the Michael Faraday Haka in the video above.


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