Year 3 Shadow Walk!

With summer now upon us, our science work in Year 3 has focused upon shadows and light sources. We introduced this topic to the pupils by having a class conversation where we tried to define exactly what a shadow is. We thought about light sources and when and where we can see shadows. We also talked about the difference between a 2D shadow, and a 3D view that we have face-to-face with our friends.

We invited the children to predict what type of shadow an object may produce, before holding it up in front of the classroom projector. We posed questions such as why are shadows black? Or why does the size of a shadow change if we move closer or further away from the light source? We also spoke about the difference between an opaque and a transparent object.

It was now time to put our theory to the test. Year 3 ventured out into the school playground on a shadow hunt! We were blessed with blue skies and bright sunshine – perfect conditions to find out more about shadows.

Working in small groups, the children drew the shadows of their friends. We also experimented by moving further away from the light source. We introduced some transparent objects into the exercise to compare and contrast these with the opaque objects. You can watch a short video of the Year 3 shadow hunt above.

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