Year 1 Photostory Presentation

Year 1

Year 1 are incredibly proud to be able to share a selection of our multimedia work based around literacy and ICT. Having had such a wonderful trip out to London Zoo, we decided to capture our memories and make a selection of videos.

The children took many photographs on the day. As part of our literacy work, we then asked each child to recount their personal experiences of the zoo, and to write a script to accompany the images.

Working with the Photostory software, the next stage was to use our ICT time to produce a selection of stunning videos. The work displayed below is all the work of our Year 1 pupils. They selected the images, recorded the audio, chose the music and even added in their own choice of transition effects.

We are very proud to present the Year 1 London Zoo Video Project!

Brooke and Mariah:

Diego and Enaya:

Finn and Farhana:

Ishmel and Debbie:

Kelly and Eniola:


Lucy and Konrad:

Shakwon and Warren:

Soni and Edith:

Tomiwa and Leah:

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