Year 3 Nigerian Pen Pals

Year 3

Year 3 received a wonderful end of term treat to finish off the school year in style – a parcel of personal letters and photos from our friends at Ohe Primary School in Nigeria! We first made contact with the Ugbodu School before Christmas. Michael Faraday School was keen to create cultural and educational links with other schools around the world.

We received a visit from a friend of the school, who delivered a whole school assembly based on life in the Delta State of Nigeria. Children from each year group at Michael Faraday then wrote personal letters to children of a similar age at Ohe School. We wanted to tell them more about our life, as well as finding out about their own.

Year 3 were thrilled then to receive a personal reply, just before we broke up for the summer break. Each pupil had their own letter. We were able to read these and find out more about our Nigerian friends. A photo album was also sent over, as well as a framed certificate from the school, thanking Michael Faraday for the educational resources that we have sent over.

This is a very special link for all at Michael Faraday. As well as the cultural link, we are also able to share different approaches to teaching. From the photos that have been supplied, it seems that our friends in Nigerian learn maths and literacy in the same way that we do!

You can catch up with a small group of our Year 3 pupils talking about the new friendships in the podcast below.

Year 3 Nigerian Letters (mp3)

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