New in the Nursery


We are incredibly excited in the Michael Faraday Nursery as we await the arrival of our two new classes of children. We have decided to stagger the starting date for our new pupils over the course of a week. This will enable a relaxed manner for our new starters to commence their learning at Michael Faraday.

Home visits are currently being carried out by our Nursery staff. This helps the children to get to know their teachers and support staff ahead of arriving at the school. We have also been finding out more about the individual interests of each child, so that we can put in place a programme of learning that will be as enjoyable as it is educational.

Once the new Nursery children have settled in, our first topic will be all about our new school and ourselves. We will be asking the children to focus upon what makes them unique, as well as how we are all similar. Our school environment will be studied in great detail.


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