Year 5 O2 Arena Rehearsals!

Year 5

Year 5 held their first rehearsal this week for a prestigious musical project that we have been specifically invited to take part in. Both of our Year 5 classes will be performing at the amazing O2 Arena in London as part of the opening ceremony for the World Skills Fair.

This is an international event that welcomes visitors from all around the world to London to help pass on and share their skills. Having been impressed with the Michael Faraday contribution at Southwark Splash during the summer term, the organisers requested that our Year 5 pupils take part in the gala opening concert.

We have little time to prepare – weekly sessions have been organised with our friends from Southwark Splash. To match the International feel to the occasion, a selection of songs have been selected to suit this theme. Year 5 will be singing traditional English, Irish and Scottish songs, as well as some more contemporary music such as songs by Snow Patrol and The Proclaimers.

Our first rehearsal involved the pupils thinking and talking about some of the ideas and emotions that are contained in the lyrics for these songs. We are keen for his to be an emotive performance, rather than simply singing some songs. The children came up with some ideas and some actions in which to help add their own feelings.

You can listen to a snapshot of a very early rehearsal from Year 5 in the podcast below.

Y5 O2 Rehearsals (mp3)

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