Year 3 Cathedral Trip

Year 3

Year 3 enjoyed greatly a recent trip to Southwark Cathedral as part of our R.E. work for this term. We are looking at how different religions use signs and symbols as part of their daily worship. We have been researching in class how many of the leading world religions rely upon symbolism for their beliefs, and how these are often very similar.

Our trip to Southwark Cathedral enabled the pupils to see at first hand the many symbols used during worship in the Christian faith. After a brief tour around the wonderful building, Year 3 then had a workshop helping them to locate and identify the religious symbols around the Cathedral.

We have been learning why Christians value the symbol of a fish, why the lambs features heavily in Christianity and what Alpha and Omega means to Christian worshippers. You can catch up with the thoughts with some of our Year 3 pupils in the podcast below.

Y3 Southwark Cathedral Trip (mp3)

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