Year 6 Science Podcast

Year 6

Our main science topic in year 6 for this term is that of micro-organisms. We have learnt how bacteria can be both good and bad, as well as learning about the differences between bacteria that can make you ill, and bacteria that is used by the food industry to help promote healthy living.

To put the theory into practice, Year 6 came up with their own scientific experiment. The aim was to make two separate servings of yoghurt – one using just water and powdered milk, and another similar yoghurt, but with added friendly bacteria.

We found that by adding bacteria to our yoghurt, a thick cream was formed, offering a far more tasty experience – especially so when served up with some sugar as a sweet topping.

We have continued this work by now turning our attention towards mushrooms and fungi. Year 6 have started to grow their own fungi in a controlled scientific experiment. We will be monitoring the best conditions for this, and how micro-organisms can be used to help boost the growth.

Y6 science (mp3)

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