Reception Cinema Trip


Both of our Reception classes are incredibly excited ahead of our trip to the cinema in Peckham. This has been organised as part of National Film Week for Schools. Our children will be watching Yogi Bear on the big screen, and then carrying out some follow up work on the story back at Michael Faraday.

We have already started to plan and prepare for the cinema. Reception have made some healthy popcorn, as well as some cinema tickets for our friends with their own individual names on.

With summer looking like it has finally come to an end, we have also been exploring the autumnal weather in Reception. The children have been out collecting a huge pile of autumn leaves. We have been using these to make a tree collage, as we as to help us with our counting skills during maths lessons.

Reception have also been busy planting in our new growing pots. We will be following the growth throughout the coming months, and then continuing to document this information.

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