Year 6 Parliament Podcast

Year 6

Following on from the recent visit by Ed Miliband and Harriet Harman to Michael Faraday School, Year 6 have been on a trip to the Houses of Parliament. The Leader of the Opposition and our local MP were both so impressed with what they saw at the school, they decided to arrange a return trip to their place of work.

Once inside Westminster, Year 6 got to see both the chambers. We have been learning about the difference between the House of Lords and the House of Commons, and how democracy works in the UK. Our trip also took us into the Robing Room, the very special place in the Palace where the Queen gets ready before reading out her speech each year.

Year 6 wanted to share all that we have learnt on this very special trip with our other friends throughout the school. We staged a Key Stage 2 assembly, explaining the role of MP’s and what a constituency means. We also looked at the magnificent history of the Houses of Parliament, and examined the cultural significance of the building. We shared some of our own Westminster themed artwork.

You can find out more in the podcast below.

Y6 Westminster visit (mp3)

Year 6

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