Reception Counting Skills


This has been a really busy period in the Michael Faraday Reception classes with many activities taking place ahead of half term. We greatly enjoyed our visit to Peckham Cinema as part of the National Film Week for Schools. Reception watched a screening of Yogi Bear. We enjoyed the experience so much that we have created a special Yogi display back in our classroom. We have also used the opportunity of the cinema trip to focus upon our literacy work. Descriptions of the cinema and the film have been written next to some photographs that we took.

Our maths work in Reception has been all about helping the children with their number recognition. A number of different games and resources have been used, based around the targets and abilities of each class member.

Transport has also been a major theme in the Michael Faraday Reception. We have asked the children to think about how they travel to school, and then to share their experiences with the rest of the Reception children.

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