Year 2 Synagogue Podcast

Year 2

Year 2 have been treated to a wonderful experience at the spectacular Marble Arch Synagogue in West London. As part of our ongoing study of different world religions, we have been learning more about Judaism for the first half of the term. Our trip to the Synagogue was the perfect opportunity to observe all that we have been finding out about the religion.

Our trip coincided with the Jewish festival of Sukkoth. This is a very special period for Jewish people, which involves thanking God for food and shelter. As we arrived at the Marble Arch synagogue, Year 2 were able to see how a shelter had been erected, lined with fruit especially for the occasion.

Our visit then took in a tour of the magnificent building, as well as a very thorough Q & A session with our wonderful host. Year 2 had come prepared with plenty of questions following our work back in class! We asked about the importance of the Torah for Jewish people and how this is shown in the Synagogue.

Our follow up work back at Michael Faraday has been to write an account of our trip, playing special attention to connective words. These form an important part of our writing skills and can help to liven up our literacy. Examples include then, next, after, however and soon. You can listen to a couple of our accounts being read out in the podcast below.

Y2 trip to West London Synagogue (mp3)

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