Year 1 Baking Bread Video

Year 1 have been having great fun reading The Little Red Hen, our current class book. We have been seeing how connectives are used to help tell the story, and then using these in our own written work. The children have also been thinking about the themes in the book, and how the Little Red Hen can’t manage to find any friends to help her with her tasks. One of these is baking break, which she has to carry out all on her own. We decided in Year 1 that we will learn from this exercise, and bake our own class bread, but working collectively with our friends. You can watch a short video of this above.

Our science work in Year 1 has been concerned with different types of materials. We have held some very practical sessions, encouraging the children to feel a selection of varying materials, and then to describe how they feel to touch. We have been thinking out the difference between soft and hard, or how some materials may be transparent, whilst others are opaque.

Finally our maths work in Year 1 has been all about exploring basic data handling. We asked the pupils to devise a simple survey to find out what the favourite food is in Year 1. We then used a tally system to keep track of our results. The data was then presented in a bar chart.

Year 1

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