Year 2 Poetry Podcast

Year 2

Year 2 have been focussing on identifying different types of shapes during our maths lessons. We have learnt how counting the number of sides on a shape is a good starting point to recognise what type it is. We have also been continuing our number bond work by playing many grouping and pairing games on the class whiteboard.

Our literacy focus in Year 2 has been inspired by the theme of Bonfire Night. The children have been learning the basic Guy Fawkes story, and then understanding why we attend firework displays during this time of year. Our work has also involved talking about the importance of firework safety. We are looking forward to the visit of the local police later in the week to explain more.

We have used this knowledge to help compose a class firework poem. Each pupil contributed to the piece, thinking of many different ways to describe the excitement of fireworks. You can listen to a couple of our pupils read out the piece below.

Year 2 poetry (mp3)

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