Year 3 Assembly Podcast

Year 3

Year 3 presented a wonderful assembly this week explaining all about the background and significance of Bonfire Night. We wanted to find out why so many people in the UK celebrate the occasion, and what the historical story is behind lighting fireworks. We researched in class about the character of Guy Fawkes, and his attempt to blow up Parliament.

This story was then re-told during our assembly. We introduced to the other Key Stage 2 children the remember, remember, the 5th of November rhyme, and then explained exactly what is meant by treason. We finished off our assembly by encouraging all of our friends to join in with our bonfire poem, as well as to display some of the firework artwork that we have produced.

You can find out more about the Year 3 assembly in the podcast below.

Y3 Guy Fawkes assembly (mp3)

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