Year 5 Fitness!

Year 5

Year 5 have devised and carried out their own science experiment to try and find out the relationship between strenuous activity and our own heartbeat. We wanted the pupils to think about what activities have an effect on the pace of our heart, and then to come up with a scientific way of helping to explain this.

We came up with four activities that we wanted to compare and contrast: running, jogging, walking and working on a laptop. Each pupil took their pulse at regular five-minute intervals during a half hour period. We logged this data and looked for a trend. Our conclusion was that running had the effect of increasing out heart rate, whilst working on a laptop produced the lowest effect.

This data has now been explored further. We have used it during our maths work to find the average heartbeat for each activity, as well as the overall figure for all of Year 5.

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