Reception Dancing Video!

The Reception classes at Michael Faraday School have continued with their theme of learning all about Africa. We have been reading Handa’s Surprise to help the children to understand more about the continent, as well as the similarities and differences with life in the UK.

We have arranged for the character of Handa to write regular letters to our Reception children. Handa has been asking the children to help her learn an African song, as well as some traditional dancing. We are looking forward to performing this at a special assembly for our parents at the end of the week. You can watch a video of this above.

One of the themes in the book is all about the many different types of fruit that are grown in Africa. Our Reception children have been holding a fruit tasting session, and then describing what they like about their favourite fruit. We have produced a bar chart to demonstrate the favourite fruit in Reception. Our Africa topic will continue until the end of the term. Future themes will include a look at the different animals that are found on the continent.

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